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Since our foundation in early 2015, Coda Showroom has reshaped the way in which designers, from both China and abroad, are able to engage in the Chinese marketplace. As a result, we are now the premiere showroom in China.

With a blend of established and emerging, as well as domestic and foreign designers, we believe this diversity creates an exciting and stimulating environment for our designers, allowing for a flow and fusion of inspiration and knowledge.

We are especially drawn to designers with a fun and independent vision and voice. Our designers have a real appreciation for their customer and are passionate about designing innovative, accessible, and playful products. The infrastructure we provide allows our designers to focus primarily on their creativity and fulfill their potential.

Meanwhile, our concern for the environment attracts us to design that uses natural materials and we are dedicated to exploring new ways to be more respectful of and responsible to our planet.

With our unique vision, our goal is to create a truly unique showroom while at the same time respecting each designer’s distinct identity and aesthetic.

Ultimately, our objective is to introduce our designers to the world market and for them to be a formidable presence in international fashion.