Located in both Shanghai and Hangzhou, Coda Showroom works closely with designers from home and abroad. It offers a set of professional services, customizing sales and marketing plans for various brands.

• Customize sales strategy according to the aesthetics and market positioning of the brand
• Offer style and pricing consultation for the brands
• Help brands and designers grow their market in China
• Contract brands and buyers for sales
• Generate data-driven sales reports for designers
• Provide payment collection, I/O, as well as distribution services
Product Development
• Offer brand positioning and product pricing consultation for designers
• Offer fabric and notion sourcing and sampling services for designers
• Offer bulk production service for designers
• Offer quality control, distribution, I/O services for brands
• Share supply chain resources with designers at home and abroad
• Offer I/O consultation services for designers
• Offer quality control, distribution, warehousing and distribution services
• Facilitate the allocation and replenishment between the retailers and brands
Branding & Marketing
• Pinpoint the marketing and sales strategies for brands
• Offer brand positioning and product pricing consultation for designers
• Collect and integrate sales statistics and buyers' feedback
• Generate instant sales reports for designers
• Customize promotion materials for individual brands and promote via we-media
Business Development
• Help designer brands develop a complete financial and legal system
• Assist the brand to expand within the Chinese market
• Help establish collaborative relationships between the brand and quality retailers worldwide
• Assist the brand with the overall planning of distribution and production cycles within different market
Brand Incubation
• Provide support of all aspects for the new generation of Chinses designers
• Provide a professional environment and quality supply chain for outstanding young designers
• Help brands enter the Chinese market
• Provide branding strategy and sales guidance for young designers
• Provide product management and pricing consultation services
• Provide strategy and subsidiary resources for brand upgrade